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They look for the driver of a vehicle that fled after running over a cyclist in Granada

The young man, who was taken to the hospital, has a broken nose and has lost five teeth

As reported by the web, last Thursday, January 16, a white car sand fled after running over a cyclist in Gójar (Granada).

The event occurred between 13.30:13.45 and XNUMX:XNUMX at the intersection between the Granada-Dílar Highway and the Escultor Cayetano Anibal street.

According to reports from the club to which it belongs and some witnesses affirm, after the collision, the car fled at full speed through Escultor Cayetano Aníbal street upwards without helping the injured cyclist, who was thrown on the ground.

The only clue, one of the rear-view mirrors broke on impact

Only one witness was able to see the accident, but was unable to identify the make and model of the car.

The only clue that exists at the moment is one of the rear-view mirrors of the vehicle, which broke from the impact and was thrown at the scene.

Alberto Ruiz was going down this street in the municipality of Gójar after enjoying a bike ride with several members of the cycling club to which he belongs (CD Wolfbike Team) when a vehicle turned onto Escultor Cayetano Aníbal street from the Dílar road along the opposite lane and rammed it.

At this intersection there is a median with a sculpture and the white vehicle used the left lane instead of the right, which should have been used.

Nose fracture and loss of 5 teeth

As a consequence of the blow, he had to be transferred by ambulance to the PTS hospital, where they certified that he suffered serious injuries to his face.

He has a broken nose and has lost five teeth from the top. In addition, he suffers cuts on the face and burns on the body from the impact against the asphalt.

Alberto doesn't remember anything about the accident

Alberto admits to IDEAL that he does not remember anything about the accident, "not even that I spoke to my father soon after." His memories begin already with the Civil Guard at the scene and in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

The Civil Guard is looking for Seat Ibiza or Seat León as possible brands of the vehicle that fled.

Both the Civil Traffic Guard, in charge of assisting the victim, and the Gójar Local Police are looking for the driver of the car that allegedly ran over the cyclist.

As the affected person explains to this newspaper, the Seat Ibiza or Seat León models are considered as possible brands of the vehicle that fled.

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