A professional cyclist does 370 km a day on the roller to 4.800 km

Timothy Rugg has made a whopping 4.800 kilometers on the roll in 13 straight days.

The professional cyclist  Timothy rugg has made a whopping 4.800 kilometers on the roller in 13 days in a row.

As reported IberobikeTimothy he had considered training on the roller at least 480 kilometers a day for 10 days, although in the end he could not reach this figure and had to decrease the number of daily kilometers.

The first day he realized that he would have to extend the days of his challenge

The day the challenge started it was more than 27º C in Tucson, Arizona, and after 6 hours on the reel, and after taking a short break, he realized that he was dehydrated.

He placed two roller training fans, one focused on the upper part and one on the whole body

How to avoid dehydration on the roller?

After this he had to rearrange your challenge, and lower the level of demand, changing from 10 to 13 days to complete the 4.800 kilometers

In the days that the challenge has lasted diverse lives with their followers, and solidarity challenges to raise money

Although in recent days I disconnect from Zwift and social networks to meditate with myself,

A challenge full of drawbacks

This challenge has not been a rose walk, since he has had several incidents in his long hours of training

  • It has had chafing and has had to change its culotte several times
  • He used anti-scratch creams
  • Equipment was changed every 3-4 hours and a shower was given
  • Had to change saddle
  • Alternate road and mountain bike shoes
  • Had to prepare 25 water drums with supplementation that I ate daily

Finally, and after 13 days in a row, he reached the incredible figure of 3.000 miles, 4828 kilometers



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