What will cycling competitions look like in the future? RFEC Good Practice Guide

The document contains a series of recommendations for the safe organization of competitions

The Royal Spanish Cycling Federation publishes a good practice guide for organization of cycling competitions and events in order to minimize the risk of contagion from COVID-19.

The document contains a series of recommendations for the safe organization of competitions and eventss cyclists and does not exempt, in any case, the strict compliance with the measures established by the competent authorities in the different phases of the return to competitive normality.

This Guide is a living document, which may be adapted in new versions to the successive Ministerial Orders or other specific norms, instructions and recommendations that may be issued by the Ministry of Health and the rest of the competent authorities.

Those are the main recommendations

  • The people diagnosed with COVID-19, even asymptomatic, who have not overcome the disease and who do not have a medical discharge, they may not start sports practice.
  • Physical separation (at least 2 meters) of cyclists, technicians, referees, spectators and support personnel.
  • I knowspectators must follow the rules of social distancing requested by the competent public health authorities.
  • The non-participation of athletes over 65 is recommended, Reviewable according to the evolution and modifications of the established measures.
  • For anyone with risk health records are recommended extreme measures preventive or even not participate.
  • It is recommended that all users make a active monitoring of your symptoms and perform a body temperature log twice a day, morning and night
  • The use of masks is recommended, gloves, headbands or scarves, just like the wearing glasses, whenever sports activity allows it. It should be removed only when it is impossible to carry them for carrying out sports activity.
  • Before and after competitions it is very important wash hands with soap and water or hydro-alcoholic gel.
  • Athletes must take individual responsibility for goalkeeper gloves, mask, a disinfection bag that includes towel, gel hydro-alcoholic, etc.
  • More frequent hydration is emphasized. Bottles for individual and personalized use
  • To avoid the use of showers and changing rooms, it is highly recommended go and return to the competition in the same clothes.
  •  Recommended disinfect used footwear
  • Must be prevent backpacks, sports bags, or equipment bags may be in contact with non-disinfected surfaces.
  • The athletes should not share material (including timers, heart rate monitors, or any other type of material). If so, they must be previously disinfected.
  • The athletes will not share drinks, other food, liniments or other products, including sanitary or first aid. They must use bottles for individual use.
  • During the activity safe distances will be maintained at all times established by the health authorities.
  • You avoid using public transport to move you to competitions. Prioritize the use of the private vehicle (car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.) whenever possible.

From the RFEC it is considered the convenience and necessity that all the activity be equipped with all the security measures to avoid possible contagions and spread of the virus, both to the participants, organizers and to the people who attend to witness them.

It is recommended that during this exceptional period, all the norms and protocols published by the health authorities for each phase and territory be strictly adhered to. Similarly, the procedure of the Ministry of Health must be scrupulously followed.

The measures will be subject to the guidelines and new data that will be provided by the scientific community and, therefore, subject to changes and modifications.

Therefore, the individual responsibility of each of the participants and people involved in the organization is appealed, being the only ones responsible for compliance with these guidelines, the RFEC declining any type of responsibility derived from the incorrect use of the indications contained .

Here you can check the complete document:


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