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The 23 Sub World Cycling Champion, disqualified for grabbing the team car

15 minutes after putting on the jersey was declassified

Yesterday it was played in Yorkshire the Under 23 Road Cycling World Championship where the young Dutch Nils Eekhoff a few minutes after handing him the rainbow jersey he has been disqualified.

The UCI has disqualified Eekhoff for hold on to the team car after a fall in which he has been left hanging, in addition to take advantage of the wake of cars to connect with the head of the race.

In addition to Eekhoff they have disqualified two more cyclists for the same reason. Italian Alexander Konychev and Danish Andreas Nielsen

The athlete published on social networks

The classification is as follows


1 Samuele Battistella Italy 3: 53: 52
2 Stefan Bissegger Switzerland '+ 00
3 Thomas Pidcock Great Britain '+ 00
4 Sergio Higuita Colombia '+ 00
5 Andreas Kron Denmark '+ 00
6 Tobias Foss Norway '+ 00
7 Pascal Eenkhoorn Netherlands' + 38
8 Mikkel Bjerg Denmark '+ 38
9 Mathieu Burgaudeau France '+ 38
10 Torjus Sleen Norway '+ 38


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