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The DGT and Seat use the IoT (Internet of Things) for the safety of cyclists on the road

Telefónica, DGT and SEAT team up to put IoT technology at the service of cyclist safety on the road

Telefónica, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) and SEAT presented yesterday in Becerril de la Sierra (Madrid) two use cases in which the IoT (Internet of Things) technology is put at the service of road safety to help reduce accidents on Spanish roads.

The objective of the project is show how an Internet of Things solution for early detection works and warning of risk to drivers traveling on a road in two specific cases that frequently cause situations of great danger:

  • La presence of a cyclist rolling down the same track.
  • The existence of a car standing on the road due to breakdown or other type of incident.

A DGT drone will detect if a bicycle is circulating and warn the system

The Internet of Things system consists of a drone with camera, which captures images of what is happening on the road and send in real time through Telefónica's mobile network to a server that will soon be connected to the DGT 3.0 platform, and that processes the image, detects if there is a bicycle or a stopped vehicle on the road and sends an alarm to the connected SEAT car.

The vehicle is connected to the network thanks to a telematic unit, Telematic Control Unit (TCU), using C-V2X technology (Cellular Vehicle to Everything) thanks to a ssoftware that enables communication between the vehicle's internal network and its environment (DGT3.0 platform of the General Directorate of Traffic, signaling systems and infrastructure, other vehicles ...).

The cars receive an alarm

The result is that connected cars driving on that road in the same direction the obstacle has been detected they receive an alarm that warns them of the danger They will be found later, so that the driver can anticipate and make decisions with room for maneuver, avoiding possible accidents.

The DGT and Seat use the IoT (Internet of Things) for the safety of cyclists on the road

DGT3.0 platform, real-time traffic information

The DGT3.0 platform keeps road users connected by informing them of the state of traffic in real time, of detours, reversible lanes, application of measures in pollution protocols, traffic restrictions, works in progress and any type of incident that may affect circulation.

Likewise, it can send alerts about the proximity of cyclists, the forecast of cuts or congestions and the risk of fog. All this information is of vital importance when it comes to improving road safety, especially on secondary roads.

All this data will be exchanged between drivers and the DGT's smart platform anonymously with all the guarantees to maintain the digital security of users.

This action is part of the DGT's commitment to road safety, with special emphasis on cyclists, one of the most vulnerable groups of users, as evidenced by the fact that in 2018 a total of 36 cyclists died on the roads. Spanish

. The objective is to be able to eradicate fatal and serious accidents, as well as to minimize emissions on the roads, and to achieve this, technology is one of the great allies.


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