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The Puerta del Sol will host a cycling rally for the »Respect. No + Dead Cyclists. #PorUnaLeyJusta »

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This next Sunday, May 28, different concentrations will be held throughout Spain to ask for measures that guarantee the safety of cyclists

From the Spanish Cycling Federation, the Triathlon Federation, their respective territories and numerous cycling groups, they tell us that next Sunday May 28 at 11 a.m., different concentrations throughout Spain promoted in order to ask for measures that guarantee the safety of cyclists, a demand for justice and more after the recent tragic events of recent weeks.

In Madrid, the Madrid Triathlon and Cycling Federations convene this concentration in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, where there will be a minute of silence, a manifesto will be read and all bicycle lovers will get together to ask NO MORE ATTACKED CYCLISTS AND MUTUAL RESPECT ON THE ROAD.

From Triathlon News we join and we invite you to participate in it stressing the importance of not only being aware of our vulnerability but knowing that the strength of our unity and mutual support is basic to achieve changes in current legislation and what is fundamental, changes in the mindset of drivers. Friends, relatives, athletes, we are all invited to join us in this important event.

All of them will be united under the same motto "Respect. No + Dead Cyclists. #PorUnaLeyJusta »

We are waiting for you at the DOOR OF THE SUN IN MADRID ON SUNDAY 28 FROM MAY TO LAS 11h.

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