UCI announces more safety measures for cyclists

This decision was taken after the last serious accidents that have occurred in the international squad.

La International Cycling Union (ICU) has decided to implement a series of reforms to improve cyclist safety in competition

This decision has taken it after last serious accidents that have occurred in the international squad such as that of the Fabio Jacobsen

«Although risks are part of our sport, the UCI cannot tolerate the fact that accidents in recent weeks have often been the result of non-compliance with the safety regulations that apply to professional cyclists.

There have been serious accidents recently and the UCI is aware of the dissatisfaction of the cyclistss. "

The UCI will further strengthen inspections at events

The entity has announced that, until the end of the season, «will further strengthen your inspections before and during events together with your technical advisors, with the aim of guarantee as far as possible the maximum safety of athletes«

Will initiate a far-reaching reform of security conditions

He has also announced that «has decided to initiate a far-reaching reform of safety conditions together with the runners, teams and organizers ».

These meetings are already underway and an assessment of the current situation is being made and there is a debate on the introduction of new technologies.

One of these new measures could be «A reinforced system of sanctions in case of non-compliance with the regulations«.

The president of the UCI, David Lappartient, also spoke on this topic.

"Therider safety is a priority for the UCI, which considers this issue as very important.

We are aware of the concerns of cyclists about the safety conditions in their work and we are determined to take more measures to give them a solid and adequate response ».

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