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Macario Llorente ceases his activity after 30 years

The end of the distribution of Shimano in Spain, has been the main cause

El end of Shimano distribution in Spain, as well as the lack of alternative solutions that give the company long-term viability, oblige the Directorate of Macario Llorente to plan the cessation of the activity and start a negotiation process with their workers.

The company has sent a statement explaining the decision

Last July, Shimano's decision to start the distribution and representation of its brands in Spain was made public as of January 1, 2021.

Since then and until December 31, Macario Llorente has worked and will work as he has been doing for more than 30 years so that all the products of the Japanese brand are normally available in all stores.

In any case, the limitations that may be occurring in the supply of some products are due to the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on production processes and are widespread throughout the bicycle industry, not attributable to the cessation of the distribution.

Despite this, from Macario Llorente we are making a great effort to update and efficiently serve all products to our customers.

Shimano's distribution in Spain represents a significant percentage of Macario Llorente's turnover and its loss has been a serious setback for the company.

For months, the priority of Macario Llorente's management has been to analyze different formulas that ensure the sustainability of the company, but a few months after the end of the Shimano distribution, no viable solutions have been found.

Taking into account the current situation, on September 22, Macario Llorente's staff was notified of the desire by the Management to initiate and negotiate an Employment Regulation File.

All the workers of Macario Llorente have been key to ensuring that the company has become part of the history of the bicycle industry in our country and they have always been an important pillar of attention for it.

For this reason, from the management of the company, and especially on the part of the Llorente family, there is a firm and sincere will to seek a positive agreement for all parties.

On the other hand, we also want to guarantee an orderly and responsible cessation of activity that affects the brands represented and our clients as little as possible.

The company will not close completely on December 31, remaining active in 2021.

Macario Llorente had always had the ambition to continue with his activity for at least another 70 years, to continue representing the interests of a large company like Shimano with which we have always maintained a relationship of sincere collaboration and business friendship.

The bicycle industry is undergoing profound transformation processes that affect all aspects of the business, including the distribution model. Macario Llorente is experiencing the bitter impact that some of these changes can have.

In any case, in these difficult moments we will live up to our history.

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