(Advance) Tomorrow the documentary Alejandro Valverde is presented: A year of rainbows'

It will be next Monday 16 of September at 10: 30h in Movistar Gran Vía 28

About one year on from the most sought after success of Alejandro Valverde, exclusive report of Movistar + 'Movistar + Originals | Alejandro Valverde: a year of rainbows'shows the runner in his natural habitat to discover the most genuine Alejandro Valverde.

Alejandro opens and He tells us everything behind the success, with the good times, but also the difficulties generated by a pressure to which an athlete of the highest level is subjected.

The authors of the document have seen the Murcian in his most intimate circle and they have looked for what is behind such a brilliant and long-lived career.

They have gone with him to his concentration in Granada, have discovered his training with his trusted people, the Grupeta Balaverde and have accompanied the runner in his different emotional moments.

The one who was a coach, Javier Mínguez, Oscar Freire (three times World Champion), Eusebio Unzué, Javier Ares, his family and friends are fundamental pieces in the narration of a piece dedicated to one of the best runners that our cycling has given us

The external in the Movistar Gran Vía

Next Monday 16 of September at 10: 30h in Movistar Gran Vía 28, the report 'Original Movistar + | Alejandro Valverde: A year of rainbows'. TO

Alejandro Valverde himself, who will be one year as World Cycling Champion, Mónica Marchante (responsible for the report) and Juan Andrés García Ropero (Bropi), Movistar + Sports Director will present the event.

Alejandro Valverde (Movistar Team cyclist), Mónica Marchante (responsible for the report) and Juan Andrés Ropero (Bropi), Movistar + Sports Director, will present the report that reviews Alejandro Valverde's career when the first anniversary of his World Cup victory held in Innbruck, Austria.

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