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A cyclist of 73 years killed in Zaragoza dies

The cyclist was well known in his town, Ejea de los Caballeros

We continue with the bad news in a tragic week for the cycling community. This accident happens to the one that happened yesterday, in Albacete where a cyclist died and to the accident of the triathlete Carolina Routier that has left her admitted to the hospital. Also this week the driver who ran over a group of cyclists (one of them died) in Mallorca has left on bail from jail.

On the other hand, an idol of cycling like Alberto counter, has put voice to the iNodulation that the world of cycling lives after the last crash of nine cyclists in Mallorca.

Well today it has happened again, according to the newspaper Heraldo.es reports cyclist of 73 years has died this Saturday hit by a tourism on the A-125 road, in the municipality of Ejea de los Caballeros, as reported by the Zaragoza Civil Guard.

Is Pepe Ashtrays, resident of Ejea de los Caballeros, very fond of cycling, married with two children. 

Specifically, the tragic accident has taken place at 12.15 in the 41 kilometer of the mentioned route, in a point that is known as the Ejea variant. 

Apparently, the car, a Renault Clio, was traveling from Erla to Ejea when it hit the rear of the bike, which was leaving from the town center. 

The Civil Guard investigates if the deceased driver or cyclist has committed an imprudence, since the accident occurred in an area with good visibility and with vertical and horizontal signs.

The judge on duty has delegated to the Traffic Civil Guard to proceed with the removal of the body, which has not yet been carried out.

The deceased was well known in the town and the neighbors are shocked by the tragic event.

From Triathlon News we work to try to raise awareness among cyclists and drivers trying to inform about good behavior and the regulations to avoid these tragic news.

Then we leave a series of links where various scenarios are shown and how to act before them

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