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Samuel Sánchez, involuntary positive according to the UCI

The UCI confirmed its positive, but recognized its unintentionality

Almost two years later the Professional Cycling Union (UCI) made public on Monday the resolution of the 'Samuel case'.

The UCI confirmed its positive, but acknowledged its unintentionality. A resolution that is late, but that serves to leave the sports curriculum of a Samuel Sánchez who had the deference of attending to MD in the midst of the maelstrom

Before the resolution and the sending of the document, the former driver spoke with the MARCA newspaper, the first way to advance his reaction to the resolution, which was communicated to him by email while he was riding his bike. “I had been waiting for this moment for a while. It is shown that there was no intention, that I never wanted to dope. I'm calm, no one will say that I intentionally doped. I can look people in the face. In the analysis, a nanogram of that peptide appeared, only one, due to the contamination of a legal supplement that I prefer not to say.«, Said the cyclist from his house in Oviedo.

Goodbye hasty

The Asturian, who already had the decision made to retire in 2017 and that he willingly accepted this resolution, which he signed and sent to the UCI last Thursday, he was forced to hang up the bicycle earlier than expected by a resolution whose end has come late.

At least, the UCI has acknowledged in its communiqué that there was no intentionality, which leaves the 2008 Olympic champion in Beijing "with a calm head", podium in the Tour and winner of stages in both the 'Grande Boucle' and the Vuelta that at all times was offered "to collaborate with the competent authorities" .

There will be no financial penalty

Despite there being no financial sanction (in these cases the broker is usually punished with 70% of his salary) and the UCI accepts the possibility that the origin of the adverse result came through a contaminated supplement that Sánchez was using, yes there will be a sanction until August 16. "The least there can be" and less than the usual four years with which they recently punished Nicola Ruffoni, Igor Merino, Stefan Pirazzi or Samuele Conti.

His can be considered a case of involuntary doping, to which José Luis Terreros refers. «The World Anti-Doping Code should further distinguish between accidental and fraudulent«, Says the director of the Anti-Doping Agency (AEPSAD).

He has no intention of returning

He will not be able to run the next two months, insignificant news for the already ex-runner, who do not think about going back. Samu is highly motivated with his new life, which is still partly linked to cycling thanks to the school with which he collaborates in his homeland "which is giving many children the opportunity to fulfill the dream that I achieved by being a professional."

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