The new documentary by Lance Armstrong: «I am going to tell my truth

The American cyclist will explain "his truth

The American Lance Armstrong will be the protagonist of the new ESPN documentary titled '30 for 30: Lance', where the cyclist himself will talk about his "rise and misfortune"

The documentary will be released on May 24, but we can already see the trailer

The American former cyclist will explain “his truth” in a documentary that will be released on May 24 and from which he anticipates that “I am not going to lie.

I'm going to tell my whole truth”, says Armstrong in a preview of the documentary, which is part of the '30 by 30' series on ESPN.

"I told Lance to come out and say it"

His former teammate George Hincapie claims in the documentary that he advised Armstrong to confess. "I told Lance to come out and say it"


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