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A drunk driver runs over two cyclists and runs away in Almeria

The woman fled and was arrested shortly after

As reported by the Almeria newspaper, yesterday about the 19: 45 a tourism I was doing eses ran over two cyclists circulating along the shoulder of the A-352 road that connects Vera with Cuevas del Almanzora.

As you can see in the video after the hit the tourist driver fled, although shortly after It was located by the Civi Guardl of Almeria in Cuevas del Almanzora.

The driver a British woman

According to municipal sources, it is a British woman who presented clear symptoms of drunkenness. According to the same sources, he tested positive for the breathalyzer test.

Shortly after his escape It was located by the Civi Guardl of Almeria in Cuevas del Almanzora.

Everything was recorded by a car that was driving behind

El event was recorded by the car that circulated after the tourism involved, in a video that already circulates through social networks and where the severity of the outrage can be verified, in which the cyclist flies through the air.

The victim of the outrage, a 33 years agricultural worker, was transferred to the Immaculate Hospital of Huércal-Overa although no serious injuries, only shocks and bruises, according to sources close to the investigation.

As indicated by the Commander of the Civil Guard of Almeria, the incident also Another 67 year old cyclist was involved.

The proceedings have been submitted to the 4 Court number of Vera and the investigation is still open.

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