Anne Haug IRONMAN 2019 World Champion

The German was third last year and now has taken the title

After the male test, where the German Jan Frodeno has achieved his third world title, it was the turn of the women's event where Anne Haug He has won the world title.

the female race has been totally dominated by Lucy Charles until the final part of the test where he has not been able to keep up with his pursuers.  Daniela Ryf He has not had his day.

The swimming

In the women's event, the first one out of the water was Lucy Charles, followed closely by Lauren for 8 seconds. Already at 5 minutes a group of 12 units with Sarah True, Anne Haug or Daniela Ryf leaving 13º to 5: 18 of the British.


In the first kilometers Sarah True suffered a puncture losing already 15 minutes in the kilometer 7 of the cycling segment. At this point Lucy Charles left alone going through 1: 10 on Brandon and 5: 35 on McCauley. Daniela Ryf passed 7º to 6: 17.

In the passage by the kilometer 23 Charles continued increasing its advantage on Brandon to 1: 42

The British in the passage through the PK 50, kept the head of the race with 3: 52 on Brandon and 6 minutes passed a group with Crowley, Haug. Daniela was still wasting time and moving on to 7: Charles's 02.

At the start of the climb, Charles increased the lead to 5:12 over Anne Haug who was now second, leading a group with Brandon, Crowley, Simmonds and Lester. Gurutze Frades it passed 34º to 20 minutes.

In the turn in Hawi, Charles increased his advantage over the Haug group to 6: 14, while Daniela Ryf already lost 9: 26.

On the return to the T2, Charles was gradually losing his advantage, at kilometer 141 the group of Haug, Bleymehl, Crowley, Lester, SImmonds and Philip passed to 5: the British 52. Ryf was ninth to 10: 24.

When passing through the kilometer 167 Charles was ahead in 7: 38 to the group headed by Bleymehl and Crowley, Haug, Phillip and Lester.

Finally, Lucy Charles was the first to get off the bike with 7: 52 ahead of Daniela Bleymehl, Anne Haug and Sarah Crowley, Daniela Ryf was down ninth to 12: 44. Gurutze Frades lowered the 27ª to more than 36 minutes.

The race on foot

In the first 3 kilometers of the running race segment Charles maintained the advantage over Haug who had left the group passing with an 26 second lead over Crowley.

In the kilometer 8, Haug cut some time on Charles, now it was placed to 6: 20 of the British.

In the following kilometers Charles was giving his difference so that it was finally surpassed by Haug in the km 26.

From that moment on, Haug increased his lead, passing through the 30km checkpoint with a 2:05 lead. The third classified was Sarah Crowley at 4:01 of the German.

In the final part of the test Anne Haug continued to open space, while in the fight for second place we saw an exciting final race.

Sarah Crownley in the kilometer 35 of race managed to reach the British leaving a few meters ahead, although in the final part she managed to overcome it again.

Finally Anne Haug got the victory with a time of 8: 40: 10. The second classified has been Lucy Charles (8: 46: 44) and third Sara Crownley (8: 48: 13).  Laura Philipp It has been fourth.

Finally  Gurutze Frades he finished in 15th position with a great comeback in the marathon with 2:58:46 (the second best partial of the segment) and finishing the test with a time of 9:16:50. With

Top 15 Feminine

1 8:40:10 Anne Haug
2 8:46:44 6:35 Lucy Charles-Barclay
3 8:48:13 8:03 Sarah Crowley
4 8:51:42 11:33 Laura Philipp
5 8:54:44 14:35 Heather Jackson
6 8:55:33 15:24 Kaisa Sali
7 8:58:38 18:29 Corinne Abraham
8 8:58:40 18:31 Carrie Lester
9 9:08:30 28:21 Daniela Bleymehl
10 9:09:06 28:57 Linsey Corbin
11 9:10:28 30:19 Maja Stage-Nielsen
12 9:13:20 33:11 Imogen Simmonds
13 9:14:26 34:17 Daniela Ryf
14 9:16:29 36:20 Sarah Piampiano
15 9:16:50 36:41 Gurutze Frades

The times of Anne Haug

  • Swimming: 3,8 km 54:07 (average of 1:25 100 / m)
  • Cycling: 180 km 4:50:018 (average of 37,2 km / h)
  • 42 km foot race: 2:51:07 (average 4:03 min / km)

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