The oldest triathlete in Kona's IRONMAN will be 86 years old (almost 87)

It will be the Japanese Hiromu Inada who will return to Kona with 86 years old

The Japanese triathlete Hiromu Inada will participate again in the IRONMAN of Hawaii, after the 2016 became the oldest person to finish the test since it is almost 87 years old. (meets them in November)

He started in the world of triathlon at 70 years, when he retired, and now he practices 6 sports days a week with athletes decades younger than him.

"It is an extremely tough race for an old man like me. But there is a part of me that wants to challenge me and see how long I can continue to compete “. he comments in Triathlete magazine.

Inada, got the 84 years to become the older person who has finished the test and since then he has participated in 7 occasions and this year will be the eighth

In fact last year they had to create a category in age groups for those older than 85 years that did not exist.

Last year I completed the IRONMAN Kona in a time of 16: 53: 49

He succeeded in 2018 finishing the test with a time of 16: 53: 49, where they had to create a specific category for those over 85 years.

Hiromu finished the test in a 16 time: 53: 49 (the maximum is 17) completing the 3,8 km of swimming in 1: 51: 26, the 180 km of cycling in 8: 02: 40 and the 42 km of the marathon in 6: 28: 18.

This year we will see him competing again.

The oldest woman is 75 years old

Dexter Yeats

Photo: Nick Morales / Dexter Yeats

As for the older woman it is Dexter Yeats with 75 and takes a lot in this triathlon, debuting in 1983, when there were no prizes for women.

She has participated in Kona six times, but this year she will be the oldest triathlete to do so.

"Seeing the growth in the sport is wonderful,” she says. “When I first qualified for Kona in 1993 as a 45-59 year old athlete, there were only 20 women in that age group. It is now one of the largest groups ".

There are no previous results.

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