Less than 90 days for IRONMAN Lanzarote

The big news is the change of the output format in swimming    

On May 23, the 29th edition of the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote

This year changes its format in swimming

For this edition, the organization is making a change in the format of the swimming start

The oldest and hardest IRONMAN in the world, will change its symbolic mass output of the athletes to adapt it to the Rolling Start format outputs.

Departures will be made by dividing the age groups in batches. Which will reduce the congestion of athletes in the water of a single exit and give more opportunity to the athletes to have more space in the water.

The circuit:


Participants will have to swim the 3.800 meters to a single  back in Playa Grande (Puerto del Carmen) amid a tide of spectators.

Swimming circuit map in PDF


In the cycling segment, they will have to face the strong winds and 2,551 meters of positive height difference in one of the rmost beautiful bicycle riders of the IRONMAN circuit.

Cycling circuit map in PDF

Race on foot

The three-lap walking race (42,2 km) is famous for its beautiful views, the intense sun and the crowd of spectators that cheer on the athletes

Race circuit map in PDF

Further information: Club La Santa IRONMAN LANZAROTE

There are no previous results.

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