Alistar Brownlee and Lucy Charles will be at the WTS in Leeds

The British navy will have a luxury participation in the second round of the Triathlon World Series circuit to be held on June 5 in the British city of Leeds.

The double world champion Alistair Brownlee y Lucy Charles who will debut in the WTS in this race, they will be on the starting line.

You can check the provisional starting list

Lucy Charles to debut in the WTS

Charles is one of thes best triathletes in the world in medium and long distance with 3 medals in Kona, 3 titles in The Championship or his victory in the Challenge Roth.

This year, Charles has already played short distance events such as the Super League Triathlon or in swimming events of 1.500, where I was looking for the pass to tokyo games, where it was second.

Charles hinted in an Instagram post that an exciting run was looming on his calendar.

Charles is one of the best swimmers on the circuit and a great cyclist, so she will surely arrive at the front of the test at T2 and knowing her, will try to make a break that gives an advantage in those segments to try to take the victory .

Alistair Brownlee to attempt Olympic qualification

As for the British Alistair Brownlee, he returns to the World Series in the Leeds test, where he will try to get a pass to the Olympic games.

This will be your last chance, as Leeds will The men who will be in Tokyo will decide. His brother Jonathan will surely be there and the other place that remains will be disputed by Alistair and young Alex Yee.

It is sure to be an exciting test

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