IRONMAN Hawaii World Cup winners: What position did they do in the previous world championship? 

The World Championship IRONMAN Hawaii It is one of the most prestigious events in the world of triathlon. In this 2023 edition, only women will compete in the event, since the men already competed in the World Cup in Nice. 

In this article we focus on the women who have conquered the podium and how their performance compares to their performance in the previous world championships until 2000. 

Historic context 

To date, there have been 20 different winners in the female category.  

Paula Newby-Fraser, the “Queen of Kona”, leads the list with 8 victories. They follow him Natascha Badmann with 6 and Daniela Ryf with 5. 

The United States has dominated this event with 16 titles, while Switzerland follows with 11. Since 2000, Switzerland has been especially prominent thanks to the victories of Natascha Badmann y Daniela Ryf. 

It is interesting to note that four women have managed to be on the three podium positions in different editions: Paula Newby-Fraser, Karen smyers, Lori Bowden y Mirinda Carfrae. 

List of IRONMAN Hawaii winners from 2000 to 2022

Year  1st place  2nd place  3st place 
2022 (Oct)  Chelsea Sodaro  Lucy Charles-Barclay  Anne Haug 
2022 (May)  Daniela Ryf  Katrina matthews  Anne Haug 
2019  Anne Haug  Lucy Charles-Barclay  Sarah Crowley 
2018  Daniela Ryf  Lucy Charles  Anne Haug 
2017  Daniela Ryf  Lucy Charles  Sarah Crowley 
2016  Daniela Ryf  Mirinda Carfrae  Heather Jackson 
2015  Daniela Ryf  Rachel Joyce  Liz Blatchford 
2014  Mirinda Carfrae  Daniela Ryf  Rachel Joyce 
2013  Mirinda Carfrae  Rachel Joyce  Liz Blatchford 
2012  Leanda Cave  Caroline Steffen  Mirinda Carfrae 
2011  Chrissie Wellington  Mirinda Carfrae  Leanda Cave 
2010  Mirinda Carfrae  Caroline Steffen  Julie Dibens 
2009  Chrissie Wellington  Mirinda Carfrae  Virginia Berasategui 
2008  Chrissie Wellington  Yvonne van Vlerken  Sandra Wallenhorst 
2007  Chrissie Wellington  Samantha McGlone  Kate Major 
2006  Michellie Jones  Desiree Ficker  Lisa Bentley 
2005  Natascha Badmann  Michellie Jones  Kate Major 
2004  Natascha Badmann  Heather fuhr  Kate Major 
2003  Lori Bowden  Natascha Badmann  Nina kraft 
2002  Natascha Badmann  Nina kraft  Lori Bowden 
2001  Natascha Badmann  Lori Bowden  Nina kraft 
2000  Natascha Badmann  Lori Bowden  Fernanda Keller 

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