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Beat the IRONMAN record of Hawaii at the Bilbao parties, at the Alironman

It has been achieved by 3 Basque triathletes to raise funds at the Down Syndrome Foundation of the Basque Country.

As reported EFE at Alironman, an solidary challenge of the Association of Solidarity Marathons Javi Conde, has demolished in full parties of Aste Nagusia of Bilbao on Hawaiian Ironman record for 1 minute and 44 seconds, thus breaking the mark established last year by the German Patrick Lange, located in 7h52: 39.

3 Basque triathletes who beat Patrick Lange's time

The swimmer Fernando Téllez, champion of Spain Long Distance Master, was in charge of opening the challenge in the pool of San Mamés. He swam 3.800 meters in 49: 22.86, with neoprene and at an ambient temperature of 30 degrees and 28 water. The time was record, since the Hawaiian Ironman brand was located in 50 minutes and 37 seconds.

One of the best long-distance Basque triathletes took care of the bike, Kristian Quintans, who already participated in the Ironman of Hawaii in the year 2016 ending in the 75 position.

In Bilbao he used 4: 18: 17, a time higher than the record, set in 4h16.05. Quintans performed the test on a rodillo, exercise bike, on the stage of the Konparta Gogorregi, driving the test, surrounded by an audience that gave great animation.

To finish, Jon Salvador, expert runner, was in charge of the running segment. He ran a marathon (42,195 km) on a tape in 2: 41: 54.

The record times

  • Swimming, 3.800 meters: 49: 22: 86
  • Cycling 180 kilometers: 4: 18: 17
  • Race on foot, 42,195 km: 2: 41: 54

Non-approved distances were verified by the international triathlon referee Javier Berasategui using GPS and the device counters.

The Alironman

The name that bears the test is a tribute to the mythical word Alirón, which comes from when the English miners moved to the Basque Country to exploit the iron mines and found a whole beta of the metal. They marked it with an 'All Iron' and from so much repeating it it stayed with the word Alirón.

The benefits obtained in this event will be destined to the Down Syndrome Foundation from the Basque Country.

This challenge is a new challenge in Jon Salvador's career, which he has completed together with his partner Javi Conde solidarity marathons in such unusual places as the Athletic barge, the Bilbao Bizkaia bridge, the hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and the interior from the cave of Pozalagua.

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