The Spanish Cros Triathlon and Duathlon Championships, first FETRI Post-confinement test with security measures

The Spanish Triathlon Cros Championship will take place on July 25 and the Duathlon Cros Championship on July 26

 The Spanish Triathlon Federation finalizes the implementation of all health security protocols in Almazán (Soria), for the return of national competitions with the maximum possible guarantees for both the public and athletes, as well as for officials and organization.

The security in the return of the competitions the most important thing

The horizon of the return to competitive activity is established in this way on July 25 and 26, with the dispute in the Adnamantina town of Cros Triathlon and Duathlon Cros championships in Spain respectively.

Since the pandemic caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 was decreed in March, Fetri has studied the recommendations that have been provided by experts in epidemiology to adapt them to triathlon, facing the resumption of activity with the maximum possible health security guarantees.

For this, from the Federation, a complete security protocol It must be scrupulously carried out in each of the national tests that will be held this year and that it has been sent to the Higher Sports Council (CSD) for its supervision.

The director of competitions of Fetri, Jorge García, shares the illusion of the triathletes for the return of the national tests, but also makes a appeal to the responsibility of all sports establishments for  return as safe as possible.

“We are convinced of the great responsibility of our athletes, because that is how they have always behaved. We only ask for your understanding and collaboration for the great challenge that we all have ahead of us, "he explains.

The measures to be taken "will be worth it"

However, the competition department warns that the tests will undergo modifications to be able to adapt to the demanding established security protocols, measures that will alter competitive formats and that sometimes can be a little uncomfortable, but that they are "worth it", by giving the tests highly effective measuresa.

García points out that "triathlon, as a sport practiced outdoors, has a lot of livestock for the safety of the tests, but warns of the importance of not relaxing the established measures."

This will be some of the measures in Almazán

In the case of Almazán, for example, the security protocol has been adapted to the appointment from start to finish.

In fact, for all athletes and fans who know the competition held in previous years, they should take into account that circuits have been modified for this reason.

Similarly, the bridge over the Douro river will be closed to the public during the swimming segment to avoid massive concentrations of people.

The goal line will move into the soccer field de La Arboleda, where an access control will be carried out to limit the capacity.

It should be noted that the use of the mask will be mandatory, also for athletes, both in the collection of bibs and in the entry of material in the transition, it can only be removed before departure.

The measures will be unveiled in the coming weeks

In the coming weeks, the Spanish Triathlon Federation will break down the measures so that athletes can get to know them and adapt to them, however, Jorge García sends a reassuring message:

«Our line of work is mainly focused on the organization of the event, to adapt each venue to the protocol, we want that, as far as possible, the athlete feels safe and does not have to worry about anything other than competing ».

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