The Club La Santa Virtual Series ends successfully, 1.786 kilometers traveled in 18 countries on 3 continents

Over 250 runners participated over the weekend in the first edition of the pioneering virtual race in the Canary Islands

 La Club La Santa Virtual Series, the first virtual race organized in the Canary Islands, concluded successfully on Sunday. More than 250 runners from 18 countries corresponding to 3 continents they completed, in sum, a total of 1.786 kilometers.

The test, which featured two categories for adults (10K and 5K), It was organized by Club La Santa, a hotel and sports complex located in Lanzarote and also responsible for other races already established on the calendar such as the Club La Santa IRONMAN 70.3, Club La Santa IRONMAN or the International Running Challenge.

Best time 31:22 in 10 k

The best time recorded in the 10K category was 00.31.22, while in the 5K it was 00.15.16

The mechanics of participation was simple: those enrolled, who were able to run from anywhere in the world, both indoors and outdoors (as long as the health authorities of each country allowed it).

After the participants had to publish in their participant profile, at the end of their tests, a screenshot of the device they were training with, showing the time spent, the distance completed and the date.

The countries with representation in the race, supported by Turismo Lanzarote and Lanzarote European Sport Destination, were the following: Spain, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland , Portugal, Switzerland, Australia and the United States.

Among the participants were recognized figures in the world of triathlon and ironman such as the Danish Kasper Laumann Hartlev, five times winner of the Lanzarote International Running Challenge, or the also Danish Maja Stage, medalist in three European Triathlons and winner of several ironman.

Fabio Cabrera, Director of the race, he was satisfied when taking stock of the competition, which he described as "great experience".

"AND"The fact that sports fans from so many parts of the world have been able to participate in the same event from their countries has been incredible, because it reinforces sport as a meeting point for many people," he said.

"Sport unites even in extraordinary situations"

Cabrera pointed out that this type of evidence shows that "sport unites even in extraordinary situations like this that we all have to live with the pandemic." And he added that "this first edition of the Virtual Series serves as learning to improve it in the future".

The under 18 years They were also able to enjoy the race in its three categories: 8K, 5K and 3K, in a mechanic similar to that of adults. The best times recorded were as follows: at 8K, 00.31.36; at 5K, 00.16.51 and at 3K, 00.10.57.

The virtual ceremony of awards ceremony will take place in the coming days and it will be broadcast by the Club La Santa's YouTube and Facebook profiles.

The second edition is already underway

It will announce the dates of the ssecond edition of La Club La Santa Virtual Series, a test that is charitable, since 30% of the proceeds from the inscriptions will go to UNICEF.


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