Lievin Indoor World Cup: Thorn and Lindemann take victory

Adrenaline and excitement took over the Lievin Arena Stadium this Saturday during the vibrant Lievin Indoor World Cup.

An electrifying format of 150 meters of swimming, 3 kilometers of cycling and 1.000 meters of running tested the endurance and speed of the best triathletes in the world, in a spectacle that captivated the spectators present.

An epic duel in the women's final

Twelve elite triathletes competed in the women's A final, including stars such as Georgia Taylor-Brown, Laura Lindemann, Cathia Schär and Gwen Jorgensen.

After a close competition, the German Laura Lindemann took victory in an exciting final sprint, beating Taylor-Brown for just a few meters.

The American Gwen Jorgensen, with a formidable run of 3:01, completed the podium.

Top 10 female

Job title Athlete Country Final time
1 Laura Lindemann GER 9:34.00
2 Georgia Taylor-Brown GBR 9:32.00
3 Gwen Jorgensen USA 9:31.00
4 Leonie Periault FRA 9:34.00
5 Lena Meißner GER 9:33.00
6 Nora gmür SUI 9:34.00
7 jolien vermeylen BEL 9:37.00
8 cathia schär SUI 9:37.00
9 Zuzana Michalickova SVK 9:34.00
10 Robin Dreijling NED 9:36.0

Thorn dominates the men's final

In a thrilling finale of the Lievin Indoor World Cup, the Norwegian Vetle Bergsvik Thorn He demonstrated his explosiveness in the final sprint to take the victory. The two-time world champion Vincent Luis from France fought until the end and won the silver medal just 2 hundredths behind Thorn.

Thorn's compatriot, Casper Stornes, completed the podium after a solid performance in all three disciplines, taking bronze 3 seconds behind the winner.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Country Final time
1 Vetle Bergsvik Thorn NOR 9:24.00
2 Vincent Luis FRA 9:25.00
3 Casper Stornes NOR 9:26.00
4 Csongor Lehmann HUN 9:26.00
5 Tim hellwig GER 9:26.00
6 Leo Fernandez FRA 9:29.00
7 Samuel Dickinson GBR 9:30.00
8 Aurelien Jem FRA 9:34.00
9 Antoine duval FRA 9:36.00
10 Gregor Payet LUX 9:42.00

Genis Grau, the best Spanish

The Catalan Genis Grau He was the most outstanding Spanish triathlete in the competition, finishing in a creditable 11th place in the final after a solid performance in all three disciplines.

Esteban Basanta was 6th while Sara Guerrero, was the best Spanish in the B final, occupying 3rd position.

An event that promotes triathlon

The Lievin Indoor World Cup is a crucial event for the development of triathlon internationally. This innovative format attracts new fans and allows triathletes to compete in a unique and energetic environment.

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