The controversy of the Viña del Mar World Cup: An Unexpected Turn in the Women's Competition 

The 2023 Triathlon World Cup in Viña del Mar, Chile, concluded with a surprising and controversial outcome, generating a great stir in the international triathlon community 

The elite women's event, which promised to be a spectacular close to the season, was involved in a disqualification controversy which completely altered the final result. 

The competition, which began with a vibrant swimming stage at Playa del Sol, saw how Anna Godoy stood out, placing in the first group during the cycling segment.  

However, everything broke loose in the foot race where Katie Zaferes, Teresa Zimovjanova, Anna Godoy y Mathilde Gaultier They were leading the race, but they made a crucial mistake by taking the wrong path. 

According to the World Triathlon version, this quartet, at the end of the first lap of the 5 km run, passed directly under the finish arch, avoiding the parallel circuit designed to prevent coincidences on the finish line with lapped runners.  

This mistake was decisive, since, despite crossing the finish line in the first positions, they were disqualified three hours after finishing the test. 

The disqualification of these athletes catapulted Gwen Jorgensen to first position, followed by Gina Sereno and Vicky Holland.  

Jorgensen, known for her impressive comebacks, commented: “It's not how you want to win a race. I would have preferred to race to the finish line in a fair competition, but we all knew the route and the map". 

For its part, Katie Zaferes expressed his frustration: “I focused on the route and took what for me was the logical path. There was no officer directing us and I didn't realize we were off course.".  


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Anna Godoy, fourth at the finish line, expressed her disappointment in rsocial media, commenting on the values ​​of sport and the responsibility that judges have in competition.

“Yesterday at the Viña del Mar World Cup, I finished 4th at the finish line. After coming out ahead in the water, forming a 5-man breakaway on the bike, and with one of the best running races of the season. 🤗

But unfortunately 4 of the top5 were disqualified, (@kzaferes6 , @terizimovjan , @mathgautier and me) after the third classified and other athletes complained.

For an absurd mistake, which would not have changed the final result. (The mistake in question was going through transition when we “should” have gone through a parallel lane on the first lap of the running race.

The problem is that this change did not appear in the briefing, and at the time we passed there was no judge indicating where we had to change lanes, and there was one after we passed. The other competitors got directions while we didn't.)

But of course not everything is bad, I am left with the good race I did, with the trip with my teammates, with the teammates who did not complain because they understood that we did not obtain any benefits, and with those who showed us their support. 

Also thanks to those of you who are always there, in good times and bad. 🙌🏽

As I said the other day;
Where are the values ​​of sport?
Is it worth winning at the cost of everything?
And the judges? Does anyone complain that they have done their job poorly?
Athletes are always the last in this circus. 🎪”He commented.  

In the elite men's event, the competition took place without setbacks, with a Brazilian double led by Manoel Messias, followed by Miguel Hidalgo.  

The Spanish Alberto González achieved a creditable fourth position. 

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