What is the Collins Cup?

This competition that is based on the Ryder Cup of Golf,

Yesterday this was presented novel competition With the support of most of the best triathletes in the world.

Among the athletes, the World Champions stand out Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug, Daniela Ryf , Sebastian Kienle or Alistair Brownlee, Javier Gómez Noya .. Also the Spanish Pablo Dapena and Judith Corachán have added to the movement

This competition that It is based on the Ryder Cup of Golf, It is promoted by the PTO, the professional organization of triathletes, and will be held in the month of May on the same stage as The Championship.

3 teams, USA, Europe and the rest of the world

As in the well-known competition in the world of Golf, the Ryder Cup, The Collins Cup is based on the same concept, with 3 selections that will dispute the 2 million dollars in prizes, USA, Europe and rest of the world.

Each team will consist of 12 professional triathletes, six men and six women following this classification system

The team consisting of 12 triathletes will be formed in this way: 8 athletes (four men and four women) will be classified through the PTO Ranking, while the remaining 4 athletes (two men and two women) will be selected by the Members of the PTO Board

PTO Ranking  Chosen by the PTO Committee
Men 4 2
Women 4 2

What format does the competition have?

An athlete from each of the teams will compete in a Individual test in medium distance format.

This means that hwill open 12 rounds of 3 participants each, leaving with a difference of 10 minutes between one another.

The day before the race, the Captains of each team will select the matches of the individual events through a predetermined election system

  • For the first round, the United States will designate an athlete, then Europe and finally The rest of the world
  • In the second round, Europe will select first, then the rest of the world and finish the USA. UU.
  • In the third round the rest of the world will choose first, then the United States, and Europe will end. This process will be repeated in the rest of the 12 rounds. .

The scoring system

Each of these rounds will award some points for each selection. In addition, athletes will receive bonus points for each 2-minute stretch with which they outperform the second classified

This is the point system.

Job title Points
1 3
2 2
3 1
Difference Points
If you win for more than 2 minutes 0,5
If you win for more than 4 minutes 1
If you win for more than 6 minutes 1,5

Who will win?

The team with the highest amount of points after 12, he will be the winner of the Collins Cup

The team that finishes last will receive the trophy The Broken Spokes and during the next 12 months they will have the ignominious title, with the sole objective of passing this title to another team in the next edition

It is designed to watch on television

Sam Renouf, PTO CEO comments: “The Collins Cup is designed to be a live television event that appeals not only to endurance sports fans, but also to the general sports enthusiast."

This points-based competition format has already been proven in the Ryder Cup and ensures excitement until the very end."

You can check all the information on their website  https://thecollinscup.com/

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