Epic Triathlon from the inside: We interview Marta Sanchez, current HALF distance champion

The vertigo track record in 2023, which includes the de Spanish Champion in HALF distance, The Catalan triathlete assures that EPIC is one of the best tests in which she has competed throughout her “journey” worldwide

“I recommend it without hesitation”

“It is a test that makes you feel at home. In terms of circuit design, added value, safety...it is on par with international franchises, but EPIC has the plus that all events cannot offer you, which is making you feel like family."

Upon his return from Cascais, in his IRONMAN distance debut where he achieved a prestigious eighth place, We interviewed Marta to get to know her a little more in depth.

“I started in synchronized swimming and then I moved on to triathlon where I spent several years competing around the world with the dream of Olympic qualification like all high-performance athletes.” 

The pandemic was a turning point for me

“I enjoy sports and I like to exhaust the stages and in the middle of the pandemic was when I realized that it was time to move to the middle distance”

“The truth is that this year has been incredible in terms of results, it is not always parallel to performance and I like to measure things with perspective, but if I take stock I can say that it has been very positive for me”

EPIC Triathlon “Offers circuits to enjoy”

“There are many reasons why I recommend it. What is most enjoyed are its circuits, especially the bike one, I would say that it is entertaining and is designed for everyone, both the rider and the one who likes to go up... or down. You won't get bored!

 “EPIC Triathlon is a test marked on my calendar and whenever I can, I will be there!”

“From the moment you arrive in Oropesa you feel like you are at home, it is a complete weekend of triathlon, where you can share with family, friends, club mates… while meeting great international triathletes like Javi Gómez Noya at the starting line. , Iván Raña, Judith Corachán or Saleta Castro, among others and… its post-goal area is spectacular, I have not seen anything like it”

 Unparalleled “live” tracking

“Among many other things that would make me go on too long, I would like to highlight the live monitoring that is carried out, everything is very controlled!, and not only because of the chips that are updated in real time but also because of the images that are shared through the web ” 

2024 is presented….with 2 weeks of “reflection”

“I just finished the season, my last event on the calendar was the Cascais IRONMAN, where I went to test the distance and the truth is that I loved the experience”

“ANow I will take a couple of weeks off, to plan the 2024 objectives in which I prioritize the firefighter competition that I am preparing and at a sporting level I will probably score on the IRONMAN 70.3 circuit without removing events like EPIC Triathlon from my mind, which, of course, I recommend to 100%"

On Saturday you can enjoy the FULL and HALF distances and on Sunday the OLYMPIC and SPRINT distances. In addition, the FULL test will be the Spanish Long Distance Championship!

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