Spain second in the mixed relay of the European Sprint Championship.

Today the Mixed Relay Sprint European Championship was held in Balikesir, where the victory went to Britain.

The test has been an exciting challenge in which Spain has achieved an outstanding silver medal beating the French team.

The test, with 18 teams, has been held over a distance of 270 meters of swimming, 8 kilometers of cycling and 1,7 kilometers of running.

The competition started with Stephen Basanta in the first relay for Spain, delivering third with the same time as the teams from Holland, Denmark and France.

In the second relay, Sara Guerrero, who also achieved a fourth place in the elite, kept Spain in the fight, delivering second to 8 seconds behind the leader Denmark.

nacho galvez in the third relay he continued with a strong performance, although the British team broke the test and took the lead.

Finally, Cecilia Santamaría in the final leg he secured silver for Spain with a time of 1:34:18, 31 seconds behind the United Kingdom, which closed the day with a time of 1:33:47.

Top 10

Job title Country Final time
1 Team I Great Britain 01:33:50
2 Team I Spain 01:34:23
4 Team I Switzerland 01:34:34
5 Team I Denmark 01:34:58
6 Team I Netherlands 01:35:23
7 Team I Germany 01:35:56
8 Team I Italy 01:36:13
9 Team I Poland 01:38:02
10 Team I Ukraine 01:38:16

Complete results

In addition, there was a bronze medal in the junior mixed relay for the Spanish team made up of Hector Tolsa, Alejandra Segui, jesus candle y Ana Carballo.

The weekend was also good in general terms for ours with that bronze of Alejandra Segui in junior and this silver and bronze in the two mixed relay events.

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