An Athlete Dies in the Castelló Half Marathon

The 39th edition of the Castelló Half Marathon has been overshadowed by tragic news: the death of Antonio Serrano de la Torre, from Club Atletisme Abrera, after participating in the race.  

Antonio, 50, suffered cardiorespiratory failure after arriving at the hotel and taking a shower, an event that has shocked the entire sports community. 

The Castelló Half Marathon, a prominent event in the sports calendar, saw the participation of approximately 1.500 runners.  

Antonio Serrano, an experienced athlete and member of the Club Atletisme Abrera of Barcelona, ​​was known and respected in the field of athletics. 

According to the organization, Antonio felt unwell in the hotel where he was staying, and despite the efforts made by the SAMUR health services, unfortunately he could not overcome the cardiorespiratory failure.

Councilor Maica Hurtado expressed her condolences and a huge hug for Antonio's family, friends and colleagues at this difficult moment. 

This event highlights the importance of health and safety in popular races, reminding all participants of the need to be attentive to any signs of their body. 

The race, which began with a minute of silence in honor of the recently deceased athlete Alba Cebrián, had Alejandro Jiménez and Natalia Castro as winners. The test took place normally, but the atmosphere was marked by sadness and the memory of Antonio. 

From Triathlon News we send our deepest condolences to family and friends.

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