IRONMAN Nice 2024 date

El  VinFast IRONMAN World Championship in Nice, France, will be the queen event within the women's IRONMAN calendar and will be held this year next September 22 2024.

This event, which is to be co-host with Kailua-Kona of the IRONMAN World Cup, ltakes the magic of the Mediterranean and the charm of the Côte d'Azur to a higher level, offering triathletes the opportunity to compete in one of the most spectacular and challenging settings in sport.

A Dream Setting on the Côte d'Azur

Nice, with its unique blend of natural beauty, history and culture, offers an incomparable setting for the women's world championship.

The athletes will begin their day with a swimming segment in the crystal blue Mediterranean, followed by a demanding cycling circuit ending with a running race along the coast.

Nice: Beyond the Competition

Nice offers a rich and diverse tourist experience. Beyond the competition, the city invites you to explore its old town, with narrow streets and vibrant markets, taste the exquisite local cuisine in the numerous seafront restaurants, and immerse yourself in the culture and art that fill its museums and galleries.

The Côte d'Azur is also the ideal starting point to discover other charming towns and landscapes that make this region a top tourist destination, especially for those looking to combine sport with cultural discovery and relaxation.

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