IRONMAN Hawaii 2024 date

El VinFast IRONMAN World Championship It is established year after year as the summit of triathlon worldwide.

This 2024, the emblematic island of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, is preparing to host the men's event of the championship again on October 26, while the women's race will be held in the city of Nice.

A Legendary Battlefield

The competition in Kailua-Kona promises to be an unforgettable spectacle.

Participants, who include top professional and age group triathletes from around the world, will take on a challenging 140.6-mile (226 km) course that will take them from the pristine waters of Kailua Bay for the swim, passing from cycling that braves strong winds along the coast, to a foot race through the unforgiving lava fields of the Island of Hawaii.

More than Four Decades of History

With more than 40 years behind him, the IRONMAN World Championship has earned an undisputed reputation as the most important event in the world of triathlon.

Qualification and Participation

The road to the world championship is a journey where athletes must earn their slot in events around the world, which guarantees that only the best and most prepared reach the starting line in Hawaii.

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