Blummenfet says that to win the Paris games we will have to go under 29 minutes in the foot race 

The Olympic champion Kristian Blummenfelt is in a crucial phase of its preparation for the JParis 2024 Olympic Games.  

After a year full of success in 2023, where he combined short and medium distance competitions, the Norwegian athlete is once again positioned as number one in the Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) ranking. 

Blummenfelt, known in the triathlon world as the “Bull” for his strength and strategy in competition, has put hisu look at the defense of his Olympic title. 

You need to improve your running performance

In a recent interview with TRI247, the triathlete highlighted the importance of significantly improving his running performance, aware that his competitors, such as Alex Yee and Hayden Wilde, have set a high standard in this discipline. 

""I am close to achieving it.", he claimed Kristian Blummenfelt, referring to his ability to compete at the highest level in the Olympic triathlon distance.  

However, he admitted that he needs to improve in the running race to remain competitive.  

"I've been about a minute behind in the 10K time compared to athletes like Alex and Hayden, so I have to work on that."He explained. 

The Norwegian, who finished the year as the number one male athlete according to the PTO rankings, has decided not to participate in PTO races or at distances greater than the Olympic distance for the next eight months.  

This strategic decision aims to concentrate all its efforts on preparing for Paris. 

"The foot race is going to be crucial“Blummenfelt stated. During the test event in Paris this year, Alex Yee recorded a time of exactly 29 minutes in the foot race, an indication of what it will take to compete for gold in 2024. 

Blummenfelt, who ran 29:34 in Tokyo, knows he will need to improve his speed and endurance to stay on par with the world's best. 

Preparation and Expectations 

Blummenfelt, under the guidance of his coach Olav Aleksander Bu, has shown encouraging signs in his preparation.

According to an article on Norwegian website TV 2, Coach Bu suggests that the results of a recent treadmill test were almost historically good, with Blummenfelt's maximum oxygen uptake now being higher than it was before Tokyo. 

With these promising results and a clear strategy, Blummenfelt is preparing to face one of the biggest challenges of his career.  

The combination of his experience, strength and meticulous focus on improving his running career positions him as a strong contender to retain his title in Paris. 

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