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Magnus Ditlev wins the T100 Miami

Danish Magnus ditlev has achieved victory in the first T100 held at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Ditlev's victory marked the start of the new T100 triathlon circuit and he made history as the first male winner of the new series.

The competition was characterized by its weather conditions, with temperatures reaching 27°C in the water and 32°C on the track, presenting an additional challenge for the athletes.

DitlevAfter his victory, he shared: “It's a great start to the season. I'm very excited to take my first T100 win and first win of the season".

During the race, Ditlev had to deal with the intense heat to overcome the British Alistair Brownlee and Frenchman Mathis Margirier, implementing a conservative strategy focused on heat and cooling management.

This tactic allowed him to stay just below the limit of his capabilities, especially towards the end of the run, where he managed to overtake Brownlee and increase your pace.

Second place went to the American Sam long, who demonstrated an impressive performance on both the bike and the run, securing his position on the podium with a strong comeback.

The competition began with a fast 2km swim segment, led by reigning 70.3 world champion Rico Bogen, closely followed by Ironman world champion Sam Laidlow and double Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee.

Once on the bike, Mathis Margier of France took the lead, with Brownlee as its only close competitor.

The victory went to Magnus Ditlev (3:09:08), followed by Sam Long (3:09:43) y Mathis Margirier (3:10:08).

Fourth place was taken Youri Keulen (3:10:47), and the fifth Alistair Brownlee (3:11:43), who despite a good start, was affected by the conditions in the last stage.

Men's top

Job title Athlete Country Final time
1 Magnus ditlev Denmark 3:09:08
2 Sam long United States 3:09:43
3 Mathis Margier France 3:10:08
4 Youri Keulen Netherlands 3:10:47
5 Alistair Brownlee United Kingdom 3:11:43
6 menno koolhaas Netherlands 3:11:55
7 Jason West United States 3:13:15
8 Daniel Baekkegard Denmark 3:13:51
9 Sam Laidlow France 3:14:36
10 Aaron Royle Australia 3:16:54

The T100 Triathlon World Tour, designated by World Triathlon as the “Official World Long Distance Triathlon Championship“Promises to be an exciting circuit that will offer opportunities for both professionals and amateurs.

With events in Miami, Singapore, San Francisco, London, Ibiza, Lake Las Vegas, Dubai, and the Grand Final, this world tour stands out for its innovative format and its focus on specific distances of 100 km.

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