Mario Mola does not achieve the minimum in the Lisbon Half Marathon

Mario Mola has competed this weekend in the Lisbon Half Marathon, an emblematic competition, which brought together more than 75 professional athletes with climatic conditions marked by humidity and a temperature close to 22 degrees.

The victory in the men's category went to the Ethiopian Dinkalem Ayele with a time of 1:00:36. In his wake, followed by the Kenyan Dominic Chemut and (01:00:40/ the German Amanal Petrus (1: 00: 56)

Mario finished in 27th position in the competition, with a time of 1:05:42, which means running at an average of 3:11, but due to the humid conditions he did not perform as he would have liked.

In this test, Mario Mola was looking for the minimum mark required to ensure his participation in the next European Half Marathon Championships in Rome, which is set at 1 hour, 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

In the female category, the athlete Brigid Kosgei took the victory with a time of 1:05:51, closely followed by Bosena Mulatie (01: 09: 00) and for Menigstu (01: 09: 14) third.

There are no previous results.

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