The XTERRA World Championship with Tsunami warning

Maui with Tsunami warning less than 12 hours from the beginning of the XTerra on the island of Hawaii

At less than 12 of hours from the start of the XTerra World Championship, the coasts of Hawaii are on Tsunami alert due to an earthquake in Canada of a magnitude of 7,7 degrees.


Less than an hour ago, Omar Gonzalez, coach of Gomez Noya and who is currently staying on the island with the triathlete made the following statements "We are evicted from the hotel, they have directed us to the highest areas of the island, the initial scare of the alarms and the eviction has been more than the rest, nobody worry about us, everything is fine”

"We are still in Maui on its west coast, so here the impact will be minimal, waves of 1 or 2 meters. For security reasons, all of us who were sleeping in areas close to the coast have been evacuated, so we have gone by car to high areas of the island out of all danger. We are waiting to be able to return home”

Eneko Llanos The other Spanish triathlete who will compete in this circuit made the following statements "We just ran out of our apartments. Tsunami Warning for all of Hawaii! Let's hope that everything remains a simple anecdote and we can go to bed as soon as possible "

Victor del Corral is the third Spaniard on the island to participate in the XTerra World Championship, in addition to the two Spanish triathletes who are currently competing on the islands in the EPIC5, and who had planned to complete the same night. fifth and last Ironman of the circuit in Kona.

From Triathlon News or we will keep informed of the news of both tests.


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