The Triarmada in search of the podium in the Miyazaki World Cup 

The 2023 triathlon season is coming to an end, and one of the last important events is the Triathlon World Cup in Miyazaki.  

This event, which will take place on Saturday October 28, It is crucial for athletes looking to add the last points of the year for the Olympic Triathlon ranking. 

This year, the Miyazaki World Cup distributes the last points of the year for the Olympic Triathlon ranking, which adds extra excitement and competitiveness to the event. 


In the male category, David Castro He is the best-positioned Spaniard in the ranking.  

Alberto González y Stephen Basanta They will also be in the fight; the first adding points for the Olympic ranking and Basanta gaining experience at the international level. 


In the female category, Cecilia Santamaría y Maria Casals They will be in charge of representing Spain. 

Both athletes have a good track record in World Cups and will face high-level competitors such as the American Gwen Jorgensen, who is still seeking Olympic qualification. 

Schedules and Where to See It 

The event can be followed live through Triathlon The schedules in Spain are as follows: 

  • Men's competition:
    • Local time in Miyazaki: 08:00
    • Time in Spain: 01:00
  • Women's competition:
    • Local time in Miyazaki: 10:30
    • Time in Spain: 03:30

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