Media, athletes and influencers meet at the ASICS “SHOWROOM”

Excellent reception of the new Novablast 4 during its official presentation that took place this week in Madrid and which we were able to attend from TRIATLON NOTICIAS to welcome this long-awaited model of the brand.

All the Novablast were born in 2020. and they have been evolving exponentially over the last 3 years.

It is well known by all sports enthusiasts that Asics has a unstoppable trajectory since its beginnings when the Kayano model in 1993 became a benchmark in the world of running, which was succeeded by the Nimbus in 1998, as well as other reference models such as the Cumulus, which are recognized worldwide.

2020 was when the long-awaited Novablast arrived, which pleasantly surprised us by offering a long-awaited design and specifications for athletes.

During the official presentation in the Asics showroom, which took place this week in Madrid and with the help of Toni Agustí Brand Trainer of the brand as well as colleagues from the Asics team, we were able to learn in detail the entire history of this model that was born in search of offering cushioning, reactivity, comfort and stability at the same time as the maximum possible lightness and that has been evolving unstoppably since its first model presented in 2020.

After the presentation We were able to participate in the Gymkhana in the Retiro Park in Madrid, to thoroughly test the shoes as well as the Asics equipment.

Both in the official presentation and in the outdoor activity for try the new Novablast, we could count on the presence of national reference media from the world of running, lifestyle and triathlon as well as influencers and recognized athletes, among whom was the presence of the international triathlete Anna Godoy.

"They are the shoes that I use constantly and for everything! They are perfect for fast series, also for the day when you have to run continuously for more than an hour and even for track, the truth is that it is my favorite shoe!"

Novablast was born to respond to high market demand  both for young profiles who are looking for their first shoe to start running and that can be used “for everything” as well as, from our point of view, for more senior/veteran runners who prioritize cushioning and reactivity when choosing their shoes. .

More information in our recent Review

Pvpr: € 150

It can be purchased at Official Site 

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