ASICS NOVABLAST 4 Detailed analysis!

Greater reactivity, good traction, comfort and very careful design. Asics goes one step further with its new Novablast, in its fourth model of the “saga”.

Asics never ceases to surprise us, if in 2020 it opted for a design change and the first Novablast model was presented, since then it has not stopped improving.

Today from Triathlon News we tested Novablast 4, a model that was launched on the market only a few days ago. A shoe designed to get maximum performance in mainly Z2/Z3 average training paces in short or medium distance and for intervals, with great reactivity, excellent cushioning and very comfortable adapting to any training.

Are you one of those who bet on cushioning and they want to add Energy to your training? Well, don't miss this detailed analysis because it will convince you from now on.

Improvement over its predecessors

The fourth NOVABLAST model has been adding improvements, for us the most notable:

  • Greater traction
  • Greater reactivity
  • Greater fabric comfort and a more durable feel
  • Very careful and versatile design, both for training and to wear when you travel and use as footwear in the days before the competition.

Technology / technical specifications

Designed to “run faster”, this model offers greater reactivity and lighter weight. Thanks to its FF BLAST PLUS ECO foam, this softer and more energetic running sensation that we all seek is achieved.

Among its specifications we highlight:

  • FF BLAST PLUS ECO: Provides lightweight, quality cushioning so you feel more comfortable.
  • Sole design inspired by a trampoline. Provides reactivity with great responsiveness.
  • High midsole and unique geometry design. They guarantee additional energy recovery.
  • Reinforced tongue with adjustment system. Improves midfoot support and reduces tongue slippage.
  • Reflective details. They increase visibility in low light.
  • AHAR rubber sole. Improves the durability of the sole.
  • Technical fabric upper. Promotes breathability and comfort.
  • Four colors to choose from: Black, White, White with details in pinkish and light green tones and finally its blue model with different shades. All of them really very successful

 You may wonder, but what gives NOVABLAST 4 more reactivity?

Mainly for three reasons:

  • FF BLAST PLUS ECO full foam promotes a smoother, more energetic run.
  • The sole design, inspired by a trampoline, provides more reactivity.
  • The high midsole and a unique geometry design ensure additional energy recovery.

This model has 8mm drop. The one we tried in size 38 has 40,5 mm in the heel and 32,5 in the forefoot having reference to a weight of 225 gr.

Our impressions

Of course we would highlight its versatility, comfort and ability to react.

This is a perfect model for running on asphalt, although it adapts perfectly to training on roads/tracks. A design that is suitable for training, competition and even when we travel, using it in our daily lives, especially the one that is completely white and the other black model, which makes them very discreet.

Its laces are softer and it has strategically placed holes that offer better support to the foot.

Among the improvements, its fabric has also caught our attention, which is more elastic and has extra protection on the big toe, we imagine to protect it from possible breaks which, from our experience, is appreciated.

Its tongue is secured at the bottom so that it does not slide and is always well placed. It is reinforced at the ankle and heel, which provides extra comfort.

It also has a “pull” on the back, very useful for transitions, although we would miss some elastic laces for them as well.

With this shoe you gain speed by having hardly any contact with the ground and by not gripping, but you have to be careful with them on wet ground because it depends on the pavement or type of tile (not so much on asphalt) since it could slip.

In summary:

If you are one of those who bet on cushioning and want to add energy to your workouts, as well as comfort and a careful and modern design, Novablast 4 by Asics is a great choice in addition to being very versatile, since you can use it for both travel as for the day of the competition.

Where to buy

It is now available at official Asics points of sale and specialized stores, as well as online stores. Its pvpr is €150

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