The preview of IRONMAN Hawaii 2023 

El IRONMAN Hawaii 2023 It is shaping up to be one of the most exciting events in the world of triathlon.  

Let us remember that, in 2022, Chelsea Sodaro surprised the triathlon world with his victory, closely followed by Lucy Charles-Barclay y Anne Haug. 

Favorites for Victory 

This year's edition of IRONMAN Hawaii features an exceptionally strong field of female athletes, making predicting a winner more difficult than ever.  

Here we break down the main favorites and what each one brings to the competition. 

Daniela Ryf 

Ryf She is one of the most experienced athletes in the field. She is seeking her fifth Kona win and her sixth world title. 

After her performance in Roth, it seems she has a better chance than anyone else.  

However, his performance at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship and his last two performances in Kona have left some doubts. If Ryf is in the best shape he is, especially in swimming, he will be difficult to beat. 

Anne Haug 

Haug is another strong contender. Although she entered second in Roth, 13 minutes behind Ryf, her running skills are exceptional.  

Haug has shown that he can run at a level that many men would envy, clocking a time of 2:44:45 in the Roth 42km. 

However, cycling and swimming are their weakest points, especially in Kona. 

Lucy Charles-Barclay 

Charles-Barclay She is known for her strength in swimming. In fact, she won the Ho'ala traverse just two days ago on the same Kona course.  

Although she has had a difficult year with several injuries, her performance at the Ibiza PTO, where she took third place, shows that she is still a strong contender. 

Chelsea Sodaro 

The defending champion, Sodaro, won last year against all odds.  

Since then, he has had trouble completing the distance, especially in Roth.  

However, his performance in PTO Asia, under similar conditions to Kona, gives him hope for a great comeback. 

Taylor Knibb 

Knibb, at 25 years old, will make his debut at IRONMAN and in Kona.  

Although the word “debut” might raise questions, Knibb has the potential to surprise.  

She is expected to lead in the swim and no one can follow her on the bike. The big unknown is how he will handle the marathon. 

Kate Matthews 

Matthews could be the surprise of the year. At IRONMAN Texas, she ran under 2:50, and at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships she had the second-fastest time in the run.  

His strategy could be an elimination race, arriving in a chasing group, but with an advantage over Sodaro and Haug. 

Other names  

In addition to the favorites, there are other athletes who could enter the Top 5, such as Laura Phillips, Sarah True, Lisa Norden, and Fenella Langridge. 

The Battlefield – The Circuit 

Kailua-Kona offers a unique setting for IRONMAN, with its crystal-clear waters and lava fields.  

The average air temperature is 27°C and the water temperature is 28°C, which adds another element to the challenge. Additionally, humidity and wind are factors that athletes will need to take into account. 

The Swimming Circuit 

Swimming in Kailua-Kona begins at Dig Me Beach, a small beach located next to the famous Kailua-Kona Pier. 

The swim course is a clockwise round trip circuit covering a distance of 2.4 miles (approximately 3.8 km). Although the route itself is not technically complicated, water conditions can be a determining factor. 

The Cycling Circuit 

The cycling segment is one of the most challenging on the world circuit. The segment begins with a short but steep climb up Palani Hill, followed by a sharp left turn at the Hot Corner.  

Athletes then enter the Kuakini Highway, a section approximately 5 km long and slightly uphill.  

The most iconic stage of the circuit is the Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway, known as Queen K. This stretch is a long, lonely road that stretches for more than 50 kilometers. 

The Running Segment 

The final stage of the Kailua-Kona IRONMAN is a 42.2 km marathon that tests the endurance, will and strategy of each athlete.  

The foot race begins with a short loop around downtown Kailua-Kona before taking athletes to Ali'i Drive.  

This initial stretch is relatively flat, but comes with a series of small hills that can affect your pace. 

For more details about the circuit, you can visit this link. 


El IRONMAN Hawaii 2023 is scheduled to begin at 6:25 am Kailua-Kona local time, 16:25 pm Spanish peninsular time on Saturday, October 14. 

These are some of the key moments of the race so you don't miss anything: 

  • Beginning of professional career: 6:25 am local time (4:25 pm in Spain) 
  • First professional in T1 (Transition 1): Approximately 7:15 am local time (5:15 pm in Spain) 
  • First professional in T2 (Transition 2): Approximately 12:05 pm local time (10:05 pm in Spain) 
  • First professional to cross the finish line: Approximately 3:10 pm local time (1:10 am the next day in Spain) 

How to Follow the Race Live 

If you can't be in Kailua-Kona to experience it in person, don't worry, there are several ways to follow the action in real time: 

  • Live broadcast: You can follow all the action live throughl Ironman YouTube channel.  
  • Race track: You can follow live through live on your web page 
  • Ironman Tracker app: Available on the web, for iPhone y Android, this app provides time information, leader boards and notifications for the athletes you want to follow.

Commentators for the live broadcast will be Michael Lovato and Dede Griesbauer, with Mirinda Carfrae, Greg Welch and Matt Lieto “on tour.” 

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