Published the list of professionals for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship

IRONMAN has published the list of professional triathletes who will participate in the IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 in St. George to be played on September 18.

Names like Danyela Ryf Lucy Charles, Taylor Knibb, Holly Lawrence o Emma Pallant among others.

In the men's category there will be triathletes like Kristian Blummenfelt, Javier Gómez Noya, Lionel Sanders Alistair Brownlee o  Ben Kanute among others.

As Spaniards they will only be Javier Gómez Noya e Ivan Raña.

Professional list IRONMAN 70.3 2021 World Championship


1 Iden Gustav NOR
2 Brownlee Alistair GBR
3 Von Berg Rudy USA
4 Blummenfelt Kristian NOR
5 Gomez Javier ESP
6 Appleton Sat AUS
7 White Bradley ZAF
8 Kanute Ben USA
9 Sanders Lionel CAN
10 Reed Tim AUS
11 Raelert Michael DEU
12 Long Sat USA
14 Hanson Matthew USA
15 Bækkegård Daniel DNK
16 Leiferman chris USA
17 Goodwin George GBR
18 Ditlev Magnus DNK
19 Neumann Max AUS
20 Dreitz Andreas DEU
21 Funk Frederic DEU
22 Angert Florian DEU
23 Laundry Jackson CAN
24 Smith Kyle NZL
26 Azevedo Philip PRT
27 Stratmann Jan DEU
28 Carnation Mauritius DEU
30 Chartier Collin USA
31 Gambles "Joe" AUS
32 Mignon Clement FRA
33 West Jason USA
34 Costs Antony FRA
35 Ruttmann Paul TUE
36 Mendez Cruz Mauricio MEX
37 Autumn Marcus DEU
38 Taagholt Miki DNK
39 Jarrige Yvan FRA
40 Teagle James GBR
41 Smales Elliot GBR
42 Reid Taylor CAN
43 Frommhold Nils DEU
44 Barnaby Gregory ITA
45 Chase Nicholas USA
46 Deckard Robbie USA
47 Kallin Robert SWE
49 Lagerstrom Eric USA
50 Amorelli Igor BRA
51 Ulloa Martin CHL
52 Toldi Fernando BRA
53 Rana Ivan ESP
54 Sale Tim AUS
55 Noodt Mika DEU
56 Smith Burn CAN
57 Le Berre Yohan FRA
58 Faldum Gabor HUN
59 magnien Dylan FRA
61 Andrie Marty USA
62 Royle Aaron AUS
63 rodriguez hernandez Tomas MEX
64 Metzler Justin USA
65 Butterfield Tyler BMU

Brigade women

101 Ryf Daniela CHE
102 Lawrence Holly GBR
103 Simmonds Imogen CHE
104 Sodaro Chelsea USA
105 Charles-Barclay Lucy GBR
106 Pallant-Browne Emma GBR
107 Svensk Sara SWE
109 Matthews Katrina GBR
110 Findlay Paula CAN
111 Ballast Carrie AUS
112 Moench Skye USA
113 Metzler Jeanni ZAF
114 Hering Jackie USA
115 Salthouse Ellie AUS
116 north Lisa SWE
117 Bartlett Nikki GBR
119 Kessler Meredith USA
120 Hall Lucy GBR
121 Smith Lesley USA
122 Piampiano Sarah USA
123 McCauley Jocelyn USA
124 Olive tree Pamella BRA
126 Lee India GBR
127 La K Grace AUS
128 Stage Nielsen Maja DNK
129 becharas Lisa USA
130 Reischmann Anne DEU
131 Jewett Tamara CAN
132 Lane Chloe AUS
133 Mathieux Justine FRA
134 Lewis Danielle USA
136 immolo Julie FRA
137 Knibb Taylor USA
138 Withrow Kelsey USA
139 Best-Pohl Anna-Lena DEU
140 Kruger Catherine DEU
141 Wool Kinsey USA
142 Sheedy-Ryan Felicity AUS
143 Tham's Line DNK
144 Alexander Grace USA
145 Pesch Maddy USA
146 Luethi Diane CHE
147 Man Rachel USA
148 Wendorff Amanda USA
149 Goodell Kimberly USA
150 Fletcher Jenny CAN

You can consult in this link the list with all the Classified

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