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The Results of the Spanish Women in the IRONMAN Hawaii 2023 

The world Cup IRONMAN Hawaii 2023 has been an event full of emotions, with the expected victory of Lucy Charles with record of the test included.  

Lucy Charles She took the victory with a total time of 8:24:31, proving that she is one of the best triathletes in the world.   

His performance in each stage was exceptional where he led the test from start to finish. 

The Spanish in Hawaii 

Regarding Spanish participation, the athletes have shown notable performance in different age groups.  

The youngest and the oldest 

“Representing the generational extremes of Spanish triathlon, Sara Bellapart y Carmen Francesch They have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the sport. 

Sara Bellapart was the youngest triathlete competing in the F25-19 group and completed the test with a time of 10:45:47.  

On the other hand, Carmen Francesch, in the F60-64 group, showed that age is just a number by crossing the finish line with a time of 16:38:00.

María Ángeles Torres also in the F60-64 finished the test but outside the official time of 17:XNUMX p.m. 

The absence of Guru 

The absence of Gurutze Frades It was one of the saddest news we had to give in this edition.  

The Basque triathlete announced her withdrawal from the championship due to health problems.  

Classification of the Spanish women in the IRONMAN Hawaii-Kona 2023

32 F25-19 Sara Bellapart 10:45:47 1796
23 F30-34 Carolina Fernandez Ortuno 10:21:10 1035
99 F30-34 Laura Martinez Bucardo 11:21:43 989
104 F30-34 Tamara Vasquez 11:28:05 893
149 F30-34 Carolina Belso Candela 12:03:14 950
48 F35-39 Isabel Solsona-Garcia 10:47:02 326
53 F35-39 Silvia Birkle Hard 10:50:57 250
61 F35-39 Tuxa Fdez-Coronado Alonso 10:58:36 265
118 F35-39 Marta Martin Morata 11:40:30 370
211 F35-39 Loreto Elrio Lopez 13:25:21 163
40 F40-44 Rocio Rodriguez Vallejo placeholder image 10:52:33 1367
93 F40-44 Rocio Munoz Fuertes 11:31:11 1304
100 F40-44 Nerea Ruano Arjonilla 11:34:58 1375
179 F40-44 Maria Escudero Vaca 12:28:14 1305
187 F40-44 Maria Sierra Barroso 12:37:44 1101
81 F45-49 Patricia Lazaro Lopez 11:50:50 2234
111 F45-49 Yolanda Santos 12:12:16 2090
150 F45-49 Patricia del Pozo Nievas 12:34:15 2049
169 F45-49 Lucia Blanco Arriola 12:43:03 2059
216 F45-49 Aranzazu Alonsorobles 13:14:04 2055
290 F45-49 Leticia Menendez Lopez 14:22:11 1948
46 F55-59 Maribel Morillas Fernandez placeholder image 12:28:08 726
87 F55-59 Niobe Menendez 13:17:19 688
93 F60-64 Carmen Francesch 16:38:00 446
F60-64 María Ángeles Torres Morera 17:07:13 433

If there is any error in the classifications Contact us. 

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