Roberto Sánchez top10 in the Malibu Super League Triathlon 

Yesterday the Super League Triathlon in the city of Malibu, United States, where victory has gone to Hayden Wilde y Cassandre Beaugrand. 

The test was held under the Eliminator format, with 300 m of swimming, 3,6 km of cycling and 1,6 km of running. AND 

Triathletes of the stature of Hayden Wilde, Leo Bergere, and our compatriot participated in the test Roberto Sánchez Mantecón. 

In the men's category, the victory has gone to Hayden Wilde , followed by Leo Bergere and by Matthew Hauser in third position 

Roberto Sánchez Mantecón He achieved an outstanding ninth place, which places him in the top 10. 

Top 10 Men

Job title Athlete
1 Hayden Wilde
2 Leo Bergere
3 Matthew Hauser
4 Henry Shoeman
5 Basque Vilaca
6 Alex Yee
7 Kristian Blummenfelt
8 S. Sagiv
9 Roberto Sánchez Mantecón
10 Jonathan Brownlee

In the female category, victory has been for Cassandre Beaugrand  followed by Emma Lombardi and by Jeanne Lehair third. 

Top 10 Feminine

Job title Athlete
1 Cassandre Beaugrand
2 Emma lombi
3 Jeanne Lehair
4 Ben Potter
5 Katherine Zaferes
6 Sophie Coldwell
7 Kate Waugh
8 Alice Betto
9 Kasper
10 cathia schar

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