Susana Rodríguez and Sara Pérez, a Successful Tandem Heading to Paris 2024 

Susana Rodríguez, our paralympic champion, has officially announced that it will team up with Sara Perez to compete in the next Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. 

The relationship between Susana and Sara dates back to a few years ago, when they coincided in the Abu Dhabi World Series with the Spanish National Team.  

Since then, they have shared not only the training field, but also a sports psychologist who has been key in their preparation. 

This has been their announcement on social networks. 

At this point it already seemed like an open secret, but today we consider it official that @susirodriguezgacio and I will become a team. 
Don't worry, now I'm becoming a "multi-employee" 😂 but I will continue to focus and focus on the medium distance, although I will do my best to help Susana achieve her goals 💪💪. 
Very few people have the opportunity to be part of the team of the best athletes in the world, and I feel privileged to be able to do my part in helping her achieve it in 2024.. " 


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Training Focus  

Sara, known for her prowess in the water and cycling, will focus on these aspects to complement Susana's skills.  

In an exercise of empathy and understanding, Sara has trained blindfolded to experience the same conditions as Susana. 

The search for a guide for Susana led to an advertisement on social networks, which attracted several interested parties, including Sara Pérez. After competing together in two races in 2023, Susana knew that Sara was the ideal partner for her adventure in Paris. 

The previous competitions that Susana and Sara participated in together served as an excellent testing ground for their chemistry and coordination in the sport, solidifying their decision to team up. 


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