The Ciudad de Santander Triathlon reinvents itself with the medium distance

El Triathlon City of Santander, one of the most anticipated events for triathletes in northern Spain, is renewed in 2024 with the addition of a new distance: the middle distance.

This new modality, which is added to the already existing Olympic distance, will be held on September 22 and will consist of 1,9 km of swimming, 82 km of cycling and 21 km of running.

A challenge for all levels

The incorporation of the middle distance opens the doors of the Ciudad de Santander Triathlon to a greater number of participants, from those looking for a new personal challenge to the most experienced triathletes who want to compete in a unique environment such as the city of Santander.

Circuits of the Ciudad de Santander Triathlon 2024:

The routes of both distances, both the average and the Olympic distance, will pass through some of the most emblematic places in the city, such as Sardinero beach, Paseo de Pereda or the Festival Palace.

Middle distance:

Swimming (1,9 km):

The swimming test takes place in the bay of Santander. The route is delimited by 3 buoys, with safety measures in the water such as boats with lifeguards and rescue equipment.

Cycling (82 km):

The middle distance cycling course is an 82km closed-to-traffic circuit, designed to be both technically and physically challenging, promising stunning views of the city and its surroundings.

Foot Race (21 km):

The foot race includes a circuit that totals 21 km, which runs through emblematic areas of Santander, culminating in the Zaera Dune.

Olympic Distance:

Swimming (1,5 km):

Similar to the middle distance, the 1.500-meter swim takes place in the Bay of Santander, with a route delimited by buoys and constant surveillance to guarantee the safety of the participants.

Cycling (40 km):

The cycling segment of the Olympic distance features a 40km course, closed to traffic, offering a technical and physical challenge to participants.

Foot Race (10 km):

The race stage for this distance covers a total of 10 km, passing through iconic places in the city and ending at the Zaera Dune.

Additional Information:

  • Safety: All segments of the triathlon are designed with the safety of participants as a priority, including circuits closed to traffic and surveillance in the swimming test.
  • Participant Services: The organization offers services such as refreshment stations along the route, as well as storage facilities and showers for after the competition.
  • Recommendations: Participants are advised to prepare with their own hydration and nutrition material during the competition.

Special prices until May 31

Triathletes who wish to participate in the 2024 Ciudad de Santander Triathlon can benefit from special prices until May 31.

In addition, those who register in a group (10 or more people) will be able to obtain a free bib number.

More information and registration

All information about the Ciudad de Santander 2024 Triathlon, including routes, rates and the registration process, is available on the event's official website:

An event to enjoy sports and the city

The Ciudad de Santander Triathlon is much more than a sports competition. It is an event to enjoy the sport, the city and the unique atmosphere that is created around this test.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in one of the most important triathlon events in the north of Spain.

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