Alex Dowsett will not be able to attempt the hour record for testing positive for coronavirus

He has been forced to postpone it and the new date is not yet known

The British cyclist Alex Dowsett has had to postpone the attempt to beat the hour record since it has given positive for Covid-19.

Dowsett of the Israel Start-Up Nation team was scheduled to December 12 try to beat the mark in Manchester, but will have to postpone it because of his positive.

 The new date is not yet known and we will have to wait for her to recover to meet her.

«I am truly disappointed that the attempt cannot go as planned, but my health is first and foremost.

I would like to thank everyone, the event organizers, sponsors, my team, the UCI and the public for their support.

I can't wait to hit the record in 2021. We are looking to announce a date for that year as soon as possible ».

The current record is at 55,089 km / h

The current record is set at a distance of 55,089 km / h set by the Belgian Victor Campenaerts at the Aguascalientes velodrome, Mexico in 2019.

Dowsett already had this record in 2015 with a distance of 52,937 but was beaten by Bradley Wiggins and Victor Campenaerts.

The British will try to increase the distance traveled again in one hour, in addition to making visible the hemophilia, a disease that suffers, and raise money for Little Bleeders and your country's Hemophilia Society.

Hemophilia is an inherited bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot properly. This can cause bleeding both spontaneously and after an operation or injury.

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