Chris Froome's response to the suspension of the "Supertuck" position

The UCI has banned it in its competitions

The International Cycling Union has published a series of new rules to increase the safety of cyclists.

Among them is the prohibition of descent posture popularized by the British called "Supertuck"

Although there is no known fall related to this type of position, the UCI has made the decision to ban it in competition.

Consider that that position reduces balance and control of the bicycle and that is why it will not be allowed again in an official competition.

Several professional cyclists have disagreed

Several professional cyclists have disagreed with this decision and even the own Chris Froome has posted a sarcastic comment on his twitter network

"The next UCI rule" will prohibit looking at power and pulling elbows out "

Another rider has been Nairo Quintana who commented in the news: "The truth is nonsense, it is something very silly, I think there are other things much more important that you have to look at"

Another has been Tom Pidcock  "This is stupid"

Michael Kwiatkowski commented: «Please UCI, worry about the real risks, such as oil on the road»

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