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Eneko Llanos wins Ironman Arizona and qualifies for Kona 2019

Clemente Alonso is second in the race and also virtually classified.

After Ironman Cozumel where Ivan Raña it has been third, it has been disputed the Ironman Arizona, where they were on the starting line Eneko Llanos , Victor del Corral , winners of the test in 2011 and 2013 respectively in addition to Clemente Alonso and his brother Patrick .

Eneko with one comeback in the foot race over 5 minutes Eneko Llanos has achieved victory in the race and will be able to compete forEighth time that I participated in the Ironman of Hawaii. Clemente Alonso He has also done a spectacular test and finishes in second place and due to the number of professionals who have competed he would be virtually qualified for Kona.

The test that began at the 7: 40 local time did with the 3,8 km swim where Nicholas Granet came out in the lead with a group of 8 triathletes in 13 seconds where they were Eneko Llanos and Clemente Alonso. Victor del Corral and Patrick Alonso went out together to 5: 27 of the head of the race

In the first kilometers of the cycling sector a trio was formed with Eneko Llanos, Andreas Dreitz, Phillip Graves followed by 30 seconds by another group where Clemente Alonso was. Little by little Dreitz was distancing himself getting an advantage of 2 minutes in the passage by the kilometer 90 of the sector on Tj Tollakson. Eneko went through that third point to 5: 16 of the head of the race with Graves, Dekker and Clemente Alonso.

In the final part Tollakson caught up with Dreitz getting off at the T2 together. Clemente Alonso was third to get off the bike to 5: 05 with Eneko Llanos who arrived a few seconds later with Graves. Patrick Alonso was 9º to 11 minutes while Victor del Corral went down in the 14ª position to 17 minutes of the head of the race

In the 42 kilometers of the marathon we could see an exciting race where in a Tollakson and Dreitz were leaving and reaching each other to go through the half marathon together with only 58 seconds ahead of Eneko Llanos who came very strong from behind positions. Clemente passed room to 3: 15.

Little by little Eneko continued cutting differences to reach to Tollakson that was leader in the km 24 to pass him with force and to leave alone.

Finally Eneko Llanos continued to increase his advantage to get the victory with a time of 8: 04: 24. Behind Clemente Alonso he was cutting time to the American, reaching him at km 35 to finally get second to finish with a time of 08: 08: 14. Tj Tollakson entered third in goal.

eneko-llanos-gana-ironman-arizona-2 Eneko Llanos wins Ironman Arizona and qualifies for Kona 2019 Ironman News

Also highlight the great career of Patrick Alonso that finished in the seventh position. Víctor del Corral finally retired in the foot race

With today's victory add up your second victory in Arizona , after those of 2011, where it became the Spanish first in download of 8 hours. This victory gives him the direct position to compete in the Ironman of Hawaii which would mean his 13º participation in the race.

Clemente with the second place, gets the place virtually until the official confirmation, since due to the number of participants that have taken the exit, there were additional 2 slots.

Photo: / @ironmanlive

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