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What happened to Alistair Brownlee at T100 Miami?

He lost more than 6 minutes in the foot race

The British Alistair Brownlee., known for his determination to face any challenge, has once again proven his worth at the recent T100 Miami, marking the start of his 2024 season.

Brownlee He started the race strongly, leading the group in swimming and standing out in the bicycle segment alongside the winner of the race. Magnus Ditlev.

Despite a promising start, Brownlee faced the reality of Miami's weather and had a slump in the running race.

The high temperatures, exceeding 35 degrees, tested his resistance, especially during the running race, where the “absolutely brutal” heat as he described it himself Brownlee, affected his performance.

The Briton finished the test in fifth place, just 90 seconds off the podium, seeing this result as a promising start to the season.

"A promising race for the season! I really felt great in the swim, bike and the first leg of the run.

Then it just got too hot, it was absolutely brutal. I'm glad I was able to stay in fifth place, all things considered.. "

Looking forward, Brownlee He is already setting his sights on the next big challenge: the T100 in Singapore.

With the Miami experience as a learning tool, the double Olympic gold medalist is optimistic about his preparation for the next race. “Now I know what I need to work on and I hope to prepare well for Singapore"

With their eyes set on Singapore, fans and competitors alike are looking forward to seeing how this champion will face his next challenge.

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