Antonio Serrat fourth in the Arzachena World Cup

The victory has been for Vicent Luis

After the female test, where Flora Duffy has done a recital, it was the turn of the men's event, where the presence of two world champions stood out, Vicent Luis y Alistair Brownlee.

The Frenchman came to this test looking for his third consecutive victory since the ITU competitions began.

In the test there have been several Spaniards who returned to the competition after a great performance in Karlovy as where Antonio Serrat who was 7th and Genis Grau 8th In addition, Alberto González and Roberto Sánchez Mantecón completed the Spanish representation

The race that was held on sprint distance began at 15:30 in the afternoon.

The first to get out of the water was Vicent Luis followed by Schomburg, Le Corre, Schoeman 5 seconds behind. At 11 the rest of the group left

Like the women's event, the cycling segment with a steep incline at the beginning of each lap has marked the competition.

cyclist profile of the Arzachena World Cup
cyclist profile of the Arzachena World Cup

In the first round, a group of 9 units was formed, with Luis, Brownlee, Blummenfelt, Breilinger, Schomburg, Helwing, Schoeman or Iden among others. The second group with Antonio Serrat passed 24 seconds. The rest of the Spaniards spent about the minute.

Before the climb of the third lap, the chasing group caught up with the leaders, forming a group of 14 units with Antonio Serrat.

Finally, the group arrived practically together, to begin the last 5 kilometers of the test.

With a quick transition, Antonio Serrat was at the head of the race followed by Luis and Blummenfelt leaving and increasing the difference over the rest of the triathletes.

Going through the first lap, the leading trio had 13 seconds ahead of the chasing group led by Alistair Brownlee

In the second round, Antonio got off Luis and Blummenfelt leaving to fight for victory.

In the last part of the circuit, Alistair Brownlee caught up with Serrat to fight for the bronze medal in the test

Finally, the victory has been for Vicent Luis with a time of 54: 25 followed by Kristian blummenfet to 5 seconds and by Alistair Brownlee and 21.

Antonio Serrat has been fourth reaching 10 seconds behind the British

As for the rest of Spanish Roberto Sánchez Mantecón It has been 27º, Genis Grau 34º and Alberto González 37 º


Line Altela Country Time Address
1 Vincent Luis  FRA 0:54:25
2 Kristian Blummenfelt  NOR 00:54:30  0:00:05
3 Alistair Brownlee  GBR 00:54:46  0:00:21
4 Antonio Serrat Seoane  ESP 00:54:56  0:00:31
5 Gustav Iden  NOR 00:55:03  0:00:38
6 Léo Bergere  FRA 00:55:10  0:00:45
7 Tim hellwig  GER 00:55:17  0:00:52
8 Matthew Mcelroy  United States 00:55:20  0:00:55
9 Pierre Le Corre  FRA 00:55:20  0:00:55
10 Gabriel Sandör  SWE 00:55:21  0:00:56
27 Roberto Sanchez Mantecon  ESP 00:57:13  0:02:48

Vicent Luis triplet

With this victory, the double World Triathlon champion Vicent Luis shows his great form, since he has won the 3 ITU tests that have been contested, the Hamburg World Cup the World Cup Karlovy kary and now the Arzachena Cup in Italy.

Vicent, has confirmed that he will be in the Valencia World Cup. to be played on November 7


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