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2019 Long Distance Calendar in Spain

12 tests make up the Long Distance calendar in Spain

Here we present a complete calendar with all the Long Distance tests of Spain in 2019

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In total there are 12 tests that make up the Long Distance calendar in Spain, 10 of them at Ironman distance: 3.800m of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42,2 km of running.

Note that the classic distance C, consisting of 4.000 m of swimming, 120 km of cycling and 30 km of walking, has already disappeared from the calendar, since the two long-distance championships (the World Cup in Pontevedra and the National Championship in Salamanca) they will do it with a shorter swimming of 3000.

NOTE: We invite organizers that have some other confirmed proof that we warn to add it to the calendar.

Calendar Competitions Long distance Spain 2019


Domingo 4:

World Long Distance Championship

Saturday 18:


Saturday 25:

Club la Santa Ironman Lanzarote


Saturday 1

Pirene Xtrem - Triathlon

Sunday 16th

Northwest Triman Long Distance

Saturday 22

Southman Xtreme Triathlon

Sunday 30th

Spanish Long Distance Championship


Sunday 14th

Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz


Sunday 22th

Challenge Madrid

Saturday 28



Sunday 6th

Ironman Barcelona

Saturday 19

Guadiana Triathlon
Ican Gandía

Photo: ironman


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