Daniela Ryf and Kristian Blummenfelt lead the PTO Ranking

Ranking has been updated

After the last update of the PTO Ranking the Switzerland Daniela Ryf has risen to the top of the ranking.

The Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt remains in the lead.

In the female category, the rise to second place of the Australian Ashleigh Gentle after his victory in the U.S. Open

Top 10 female

Job title Athlete Points
1  Daniela Ryf 115.32
2  Ashleigh Gentle 113.54
3  Anne Haug 112.77
4  Lucy Charles-Barclay 110.18
5  Laura Philipp 109.38
6  Kat matthews 108.65
7  Taylor Knibb 106.75
8  Skye Moench 104.46
9  Paula Findlay 103.12
10  Holly Lawrence 98.44

In the male category Magnus ditlev rises to second place displacing Gustav Iden.

The winner of US OPEN Collin cartier up 17 positions to 11th place.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Atelta Points
1 Kristian Blummenfelt 116.28
2  Magnus Elbaek Ditlev 113.04
3  Gustav Iden 109.54
4  Lionel Sanders 107.51
5  Alistair Brownlee 103.74
6  Sam long 103.40
7  Florian Angert 102.19
8  Sam Laidlow 101.27
9  Daniel Baekkegard 101.12
10  Leon chevalier 100.15

7 Spaniards in the Ranking

As for the Spanish Pablo Dapena up 7 places to 38th place, Antonio Benito is the 86th and Víctor Arroyo is the 97th.

In females Judith Corachán it's the 28th, Sara Perez the 31rd, Gurutze Frades the 40ª and  Helene Alberdi the 78ª.

There are no previous results.

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