ISOSTAR EXTREME MAN Getxo 2014 already has a date

The third edition of ISOSTAR EXTREME MAN Getxo will be disputed, finally, the 21 of June of 2014.


The new date has been the result of the analysis of all the factors and in search of a greater facility for the check-in of the athletes of the nearby localities, the possibility of having more public supporting the competition and a smaller number of vehicles in the roads for a better cycling circuit.



With this strategic change, the circuit calendar is closed ISOSTAR EXTREME MAN 2014 which, in this next season, will be the following:


  • EM Salou, Spain. 11 for May
  • EM Düren, Germany. 1 for June
  • EM Getxo, Spain. 21 for June
  • EM Riaza, Spain. 27 for July
  • EM Narbonne, France. September 7
  • EM Minorca, Spain. September 21


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